My Endo-Healing Morning Routine

Today marks six weeks since my laparoscopic surgery and in a magical turn of events, over the last few days I have begun to experience pain-free mornings for the first time in about six months! When I do experience pain later in the day I have often been able to get by with just paracetamol or ibuprofen, no heavy pain-killers. This has been quite surreal and amazing and such great motivation to keep going with my natural healing regime. So, I thought I would share the exact details of what I do each morning…

6am – Warm lemon water

6.15am – Hip-opening stretches & muscle relaxing exercises (from my awesome pelvic physio).

6.30am – Celery juice (part of the Medical Medium protocol – it could be a total fad, or it could be just as healing as he claims. Either way, I’m willing to try anything natural that could potentially support my healing right now!)

6.45am – Abdominal massage with rose hip oil to help my excision scars heal and a few drops of clary sage, lavender and frankincense essential oils. (I am also coveting this oil to use on my whole body because it looks so nourishing and beautiful).

7am – Chinese Herbs, supplements & breakfast (either a smoothie, chia pudding or buckwheat porridge – I will share recipes soon.)

7.30am – Ocean walk and almond milk coffee (eeek yes I just don’t want to give it up! At least not yet. But I do try to make sure I have eaten so I’m not consuming it on an empty stomach).

8am – a quick ocean swim (the sea is practically Antarctic temperature in Sydney right now) then at least twenty minutes of meditation (usually involving either sending gratitude to my body and/or visualising myself healthy, vibrant and sparkly. My favourites are the meditation during this podcast and the Health & Body meditation from the life-changing To Be Magnetic pathway subscription).

Then at lunch time I take more herbs/supplements and try to get out into the sunshine and get my bare feet on the earth. I snack on organic apples, carrots and bananas throughout the day.

At night I do my stretches again, plus more herbs and supplements. If I’m in pain I love an epsom salt bath, heat pack and a hot cup of peppermint and licorice tea. I make sure I’m in bed by 10 for a good long, sleep (absolutely crucial to healing).

And that’s it. I’m so lucky to live so close to the ocean, I find it incredibly healing. Now that I’m at six weeks I have the all-clear from my doctor and physio to start doing yoga and longer walks. But no weights just yet and definitely crazy cardio, at least until my muscles start to stretch out and my nervous system starts to relax. I’m actually excited to totally reframe my mindset around eating and exercise, making it all about nourishment rather than punishment.

What self-care routines and rituals are you doing to heal yourself?

3 thoughts on “My Endo-Healing Morning Routine

  1. I wish I lived near an ocean. Swimming in the open ocean is so healing to the body, mind and spirit. So glad you are finally feeling some relief, as I am heading into my laparoscopic surgery next week…

    • Hi kimi, yes the ocean is amazing. Being immersed in any kind of nature is so healing! Oh gosh, is it your first surgery? I’m sending you so much love and all my wishes for a successful surgery.

  2. It was my second laparoscopy. It went well I think. Just had it done yesterday, so achy and sore but able to get up and move around some. Hoping I heal quick! Thank you

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