You Are Loveable, Even If You Are Sick


Note to self (and anyone else who needs to hear it)…

You are loveable, even if you are sick.

You are worthy, even if you cannot give as much as you receive.

You are kind, even if you say “no” more than you say “yes”.

You are loving, even if you have to cancel plans to stay in bed.

You are smart, even if your brain feels foggy and forgetful.

You are a good daughter, even if your parents worry about your health.

You are a valuable employee, even if you can’t contribute as much as you’d like to.

You are doing your best, even if you don’t have the energy to cook or clean.

You are beautiful, even if you’re in too much pain to dress up or do your hair.

You are strong, even if you cannot get out of bed, let alone exercise.

You are healing, even if you can’t imagine feeling well ever again.

You are resilient, even if you feel like giving up.

You are wise, even if you don’t yet know the answers.

You are important, even if you feel lost.

You are supported, even if you feel completely alone.

You are loveable, loving and loved – no matter what.

One thought on “You Are Loveable, Even If You Are Sick

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