Inspiring Sources of Endo Info


I read recently that endometriosis is as common as diabetes or asthma. I don’t know about you, but I learned about diabetes and asthma in primary school. Right around the time I learned about periods. Yet like most people, I had never even heard of endometriosis. That is, until I began researching my own mystery symptoms and started to suspect that I might actually have it. Whatever the heck it was. And if you’re anything like me, once you are diagnosed, things only become more confusing. No one knows the cause. No one knows the cure. No two endo situations are alike, but the prognosis generally seems pretty negative. So what’s a girl to do when information overwhelm sets in and it feels like there’s not a single clear answer to be found?

Well, if you dig deep enough there are some pretty incredible resources out there to get yourself informed and empowered to make the right choices for you. I honestly wouldn’t be feeling anywhere near as inspired and hopeful about my own endo journey if it weren’t for the following women lighting the way forward. We got this!

1. Beating Endo: A Patient’s Treatment Plan for Endometriosis 

This book, by Dr. Iris Orbuch and Amy Stein was a GAME CHANGER for me. Every single page is filled with reassurance, practical advice and a sense that we truly have the power to take charge of our own healing. Thankyou to my beautiful friend who recommended it to me! (The same friend who took the photo above and who inspired me to finally see a gyno. She’s pretty amazing.)

2. Nancy’s Nook Facebook Group 

Yes, Nancy runs a tight ship. I personally wouldn’t be game to ask a question in the group for fear of breaking one of the rules. It is not a support group (there a plenty of those.) BUT – at a time when I felt totally lost, scared and confused, this group singlehandedly provided me with clear, concise information that allowed me to feel deeply empowered and informed about my choices for endo treatment, surgery, and beyond. I couldn’t be more grateful.

3. This Endo Life

I really love this podcast (and blog!) Jessica has such a lovely, gentle, positive energy and her guests are so knowledgeable. After listening, I always feel uplifted, motivated and a little less alone on this endo journey.

4. Peace With Endo 

Another awesome podcast with inspiring success stories and so many insightful guests discussing a huge range of topics that may help heal endo such as acupuncture, fertility, mindfulness, energy healing and community. It’s amazing to hear so many people that have used natural healing methods to put their endo into remission.

5. Woman Code

Alissa Vitti really is the queen of all things women’s health and hormones. This book really opened up my eyes about how vital it is that we tune in to the natural cycles and rhythms of our own bodies. And the disharmony and imbalances that occur when we ignore, suppress or “push through” the signals our beautiful bodies are sending us.

5. The Balanced Blonde

Okay, this one is not actually about endo at all but Jordan is so deeply inspiring to me in her determination to stay positive during her own journey with chronic illness (Lyme disease). I love how vulnerably and openly she shares about her struggles and triumphs, and her focus on natural alternative forms of healing.

6. Eat Real to Heal

This is a podcast I have only found recently, and although I haven’t tried Gerson Therapy, I am very curious about it. Mostly it is just so great to hear “miraculous” success stories of so many people using diet and supplements to cure all kinds of diseases, including endo.

7. Empowering Women to Make a Natural Choice 

Who doesn’t love a good TEDx talk? Isn’t it so deeply validating and reassuring that endo is being talked about on the world stage? I found this talk about natural ways to manage endo (and any women’s health issues) incredibly powerful. I also love this talkthis one, and this one is fascinating too.

8. Heal

I have just recently re-watched this documentary (now super easy to access on Netflix!) It’s not directly about endo but is so incredibly inspiring to me to hear so many spiritual leaders and medical professionals talking about the power of the mind and spirit can heal the body.

So if you’re feeling discouraged or alone or like you don’t have any options, please don’t give up. Keep researching, keep digging, keep asking questions and seeking answers. One in ten women is on this endo journey too! And there is plenty of sparkle to go around.

Where do you get your information and inspiration for healing?

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